Buying for the home

Whether buying for yourself or someone else, our terrariums and indoor plants are super easy to look after. There are so many different types of indoor plant creations from Leaf & Moss so any different plant can be suited to your level of attention toward your indoor plants.

Airtight Terrariums

Airtight terrariums are glass gardens that are fully enclosed with either a stopper or lid of some kind. The water cycle within the glass means that you don't need to water them. EVER. As long as they are kept out of direct sunlight, these terrariums thrive in moderate light inside the house.

open 'Green' terrariums

These types of terrariums are what I call terrariums with lush green plants and are not airtight. These types of terrariums are perfect for the tinker of plants who cant leave them alone. These terrariums benefit from a spray of water once or twice a week and need a little more maintenance than the others. Unlike the succulent terrariums, these plants will not die easily from overwatering (although it still is unadvisable).


Extra Large Terrariums $120

Extra Large Terrariums $120

succulent terrariums

Succulent terrariums are ones with cactus in them and other types of plants that need hardly any water. These types of terrariums benefit being forgotten about as the idea that cacti are hard to kill does not apply to terrariums. Due to the fact that there is no drainage in a terrarium, the excess water will rot the succulents so leaving them to dry right out is actually beneficial for them. Perfect if you forget!


Kokedama is a Japanese Moss Ball where the roots of the plant are bound by mosses and twine. Leaf & Moss use hardy plants that will take a fair amount of neglect before they will be sad. To water a kokedama, the whole ball needs to be soaked in water (just pop it into a bowl or the sink) for an hour or so about once every 1-3 weeks dependent on the plant within the binds.

Kokedama starting from $30

Kokedama starting from $30

Devils Ivy Kokedama $50 (subject to avail.)

Devils Ivy Kokedama $50 (subject to avail.)

Got a quirky space to fill? Ask about custom orders.

Terrariums-In-A-Bottle starting from $30

Terrariums-In-A-Bottle starting from $30

Terrarium-In-A-Bottle     L:$100    M:$50    S:$30

Terrarium-In-A-Bottle     L:$100    M:$50    S:$30

Custom orders accepted

Custom orders accepted

Buying For Business

You can hire any of our products for your business but you can also choose to buy them outright. With buying our plants and products outright, you are able to care for the plants and terrariums yourself. We can still implement our maintenance service at your request but it can be tailored to suit your needs. Buying for your business means they are yours to keep and once they have fulfilled their usefulness at work, they can come home with you or any of your staff.


By purchasing maintenance friendly terrariums, we can inject some uniqueness into your bar setup. Consults will include an assessment of the area and use of plants that should benefit the light supply within the area.


Choose lush green products to complement hotel rooms of the utmost importance. Suitable also for display homes needing an element of life within the home.


Impress your customers with a unique display of plants on their entrance. The reception is the place to make a statement and we have some amazing pieces that can suit the smallest to the biggest areas. Just ask us for a free consult at your convenience!


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